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Our Tree Services

Salazar Tree Experts offers high-quality work performed by qualified professionals.

• Trees – From tree trimming to complete tree removal, our team uses the best equipment to safely take care of your trees as well as the surrounding area.

• Shrubs – We provide shrub trimming for a well-manicured appearance or removal of unwanted shrubs at your request.

• Stump Grinding – Our stump grinding service removes unsightly tree stumps and restores your yard back to normal.

• Tree Maintenance – Healthy trees add beauty and value to your property. Our tree maintenance service protects your trees from harmful diseases and insects as well as extending the overall life of your trees.


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Our Charlotte tree services are your best option for controlling the excessive growth of unwanted trees.

Even though Charlotte is the largest and busiest city in North Carolina, it is also well-known for its beautiful green areas. Our service, Salazar Tree Experts, offers the most professional tree removal services catering to residential and commercial property owners in the Charlotte NC metropolitan area.

Are you in need of assistance with removing trees, getting rid of unwanted stumps or trimming trees to help improve their health? Tree removal is now far more convenient, less costly and more significant a task than it was in the past – with the help of our tree removal specialists at Salazar.

The Benefits of Professional Tree Removal in Charlotte NC

Local residents and business owners in and around Charlotte can benefit a great deal from professional tree removal services like Salazar Tree Experts. But why should you consider these types of services, and what would make the appeal of a professional service so great?

To answer that, we’d like to draw your attention to a few of the key benefits of professional tree removal:

  • A tree removal service can identify all problematic trees, and determine what course of action would be best. Also, our experts can remove all unwanted trees fast and with no fuss or hassle.
  • Hiring a reputable company you will save a great deal of time by ensuring the proper tools and expertise will be used even for the most challenging of jobs.
  • You can save money and effort by having your entire garden cleared of unwanted branches, stumps, debris from fallen and damaged trees, or any other time-consuming problem remotely related to trees that you’d normally have to pay for additional landscaping services to resolve.
  • Old, overgrown trees or large trees hit by lightning or placed on an unstable piece of land may pose any number of dangers, especially when you try to remove them. A professional service can nullify all risks, and ensure quick and easy removal.
  • Unwanted trees can grow roots and branches that can damage anything from sewer lines to the exterior of your home. You can resolve the matter most quickly with a professional Charlotte tree removal company such as ours.

What does tree removal service in Charlotte NC?

Practical Matters – Costs, Ease, and Convenience

Tree removal service around Charlotte cost between $500 and $800.  However, some companies charge as much as $1,400. Depending on who you use, the tree service equipment can be very expensive. On the other end of the average cost for tree removal in Charlotte, homeowners can find low ball offers as low as $250 for minor tree services or from those guys in pick up trucks who drive through neighborhoods knocking on doors. Even experts will recommend that you pass on the cheapest services in town.



Pruning, Maintenance and The Main Types of Trees

Pruning and maintenance are typically less expensive than tree removal in Charlotte. On average, local residents can expect to pay about $300 for tree maintenance, and the price can drop to about $260 depending on the types of services required and the company you hire for the job.

Salazar offers lower than average costs without the loss of quality that is associated with most cheap Charlotte services. As one of our clients, you will have all the information regarding the types of common and uncommon trees on your property and how each of them requires unique care. Our experts know all about trees such as the loblolly pine, eastern redbud, American snowdrop or mountain maple.

Also, we can offer vital insight on tree planting, the best time for tree removal and maintenance, and the most debilitating diseases affecting trees in the Charlotte are, including laurel wilt and thousand cankers disease.

Trees and Tree Regulations in Charlotte NC

The city of Charlotte has a policy that upholds the preservation of its beautiful green areas, so each homeowner or business owner requires a permit before they are able to remove any trees. At Salazar Tree Experts we have the information you require about acquiring the necessary permit from the Charlotte Land Development Department, and our representatives can help you with any additional information you need.

In Charlotte commercial and residential tree planting is also regulated particularly due to the positioning of power lines. Trees that grow to heights shorter than 20 feet are allowed to be planted near power lines, however, all others have to be planted at least at a distance of 50 feet away from said power lines. You will require approval from City Urban Forestry and Duke Energy to plant any trees in the vicinity of power lines within the city.

Healthier Trees and Gardens with Salazar Tree Experts

All the advantages presented above and many more will be at your disposal when choosing a professional service like Salazar Tree Experts to take care of your tree, branch and stump removal needs. But there is one more asset we haven’t talked about.

Did you know that tree removal can even make your trees and gardens healthier? Large dead or unhealthy trees and branches can be a great detriment, and disease trees even more so. With our help, you can get vital information about which of your decorative trees are doing the most harm, and you will also gain the convenient means of disposing of them. Fast, professional results will be at hand, and your newly trimmed decorative trees will grow stronger and more beautiful than ever before with our help.

Contact Salazar Tree Experts in Charlotte NC today to find out all about our competitive rates, reliable guarantees and friendly, as well as versatile, services. You will not be disappointed with the assurance and information offered by our Charlotte tree removal specialists, and you’ll find the final results will exceed all your expectations.

Mr. Salazar was on time, professional and very helpful with talking through our options. Bob

Jose was great! I called in the morning and he was able to come a few hours later. Jane

Salazar when above the call of duty to assure my home was protected in their hands. Mike