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Funny thing about being a tree removal company, people think we must hate trees. Yes we take pride in our tree services. We make tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding and tree felling seriously. We do it because we have a passion for trees and how valuable they are to us.

Because of this, we love sharing stories about trees in the news. Here’s one such story we found very amusing.

When Sara Sanders moved to Everett, Washington, she found the perfect house that she could call home. One big reason why she loved this house was because there was a huge cedar tree that had grown in the front yard. But when this 110-year-old tree started to rot, the city demanded that Sara take it down.

Sara knew she couldn’t do that. This tree meant too much to her, so she decided to something completely different. Rather than have it chopped down and converted to firewood, Sara chose to transform it into a library.

Sara contacted a chain saw artist and woodcarver named Larry Carter. Together, the two worked out a way to create a library from a dead tree.

In exchange for Larry’s help, Sara agreed to give Larry all the extra wood from the cedar tree. After some time and much needed patience, Larry had built a library inside the cedar tree where neighbors could “take a book, return a book.”

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