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tree removalThis is an important question that most homeowners in North Carolina don’t ask often enough. Because of the price of tree removal and tree services, it is important to be aware of whether or not your homeowner’s insurance can provide adequate coverage in case you need to get an old or fallen tree safely removed from your property.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Possibilities for Tree Removal In Charlotte and Related Hazards

In most cases, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover tree services and tree hazards. But there are a few exceptions.

Much of the time, removing trees before they damage your property (or your neighbors) is considered a precautionary maintenance task that homeowners are expected to pay for themselves. However, if the tree was healthy, to begin with, and falls as a result of a powerful storm or strong wind, you have a good chance of obtaining coverage.

Has the Tree Hit Anything?

Fallen trees can be a hassle in North Carolina, especially if the tree was already old or dying. In such cases, the insurance company will claim that it was the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure the removal of the tree before it caused any damage, so any coverage will be nullified in that case.

If a healthy tree falls and hits a piece of property – whether yours or someone else’s – or if it blocks access to your car, there’s a good chance that tree removal will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Another case in which coverage is almost always ensured is when the tree blocks a disabled person’s access to their home.

The Amount of Coverage You Can Expect

In North Carolina, there are typically two types of homeowner’s insurance policies, HO-3 and HE-7. The latter is less common, but it can offer up to $1,000 per tree in compensation. The HO-3 policy is more affordable, and will only offer up to $500 per tree and $1,000 in total.

Fortunately, even if you don’t receive proper compensation, North Carolina tree services will often provide you with a flexible price that ensures a favorable outcome. Some may even advise you in the steps you should take in contacting your insurance company regarding your problem and solving everything as soon as possible.