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healthy trees

Having healthy trees growing on your property can have a strong impact not only on your life and the beauty of your home’s surrounding grounds, but on the purity of the air you breathe and the water you drink. Among all other plants, trees are the only ones to transform massive amounts of carbon dioxide into oxygen, and help eliminate toxins from the air and water that we use.

1. Healthy Trees and Their Impact on the Air You Breathe

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release vital oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. A healthy tree that has been well-taken care of will ensure this cycle is kept at peak efficiency. One acre of forest can absorb more than 6 tons of carbon dioxide and release 4 tons of oxygen – an excellent reason to keep as many trees on your property as possible and call our tree services for regular maintenance.

Also, healthy trees can capture and eliminate dust and pollutants like carbon monoxide from the air. When rainfall comes, these particles are released into the soil, and the trees continue the cycle over and over again with each storm.

2. Soil and Water

Another benefit of tending to your trees with the help of a professional is that healthy trees form entire ecosystems both above and below the ground. Their long-reaching roots support the soil, and fight erosion. Moreover, trees can absorb and store rainwater to prevent flooding, sediment deposit, and the transportation of unhealthy chemicals into streams and rivers.

3. Trees and Their Ability to Balance the Elements

Finally, when properly pruned and cared for, trees can grow to effectively regulate the air and climate around them. They moderate the effects of the wind, rain, and sunlight, and they absorb and filter the sun’s energy, and provide us with comfortable shading during hot summer days.

At Salazar Tree Experts we make sure that trees in the Charlotte, NC area are given the best of care. Our services will ensure all the environmental benefits listed above by improving tree health through customized tree diagnosis, pruning, general tree care, and landscaping.